Liquor Modernization Project Sales Terminals

Two Retail Sales Terminal Paths

As part of Phase 2 of the Liquor Modernization Project (LMP) changes to your current retail terminals are required. You had two paths from which to choose - the goal of these two paths was to limit disruption to business, position both you and the Liquor Enterprise for success, and offer flexibility.

Path 1 - Clover

Using a new retail terminal that will be provided and configured by the liquor enterprise.

The terminal will be pre-configured to integrate with the API, and will require no additional set up to use for liquor sales. You can choose whether or not to use the terminal for non-liquor products. Please note, using the terminal for non-liquor products will require additional effort to enter those products into the system, however, this process is relatively easy.

Path 2 - Existing Terminal

Integrating your existing retail terminals with the Web API.

You may opt to continue to use your current retail terminal; however, additional IT effort will be required. You will receive several documents that outline the system requirements. Please know that, if you select this option, you will need to work with your service providers to understand what this work will cost you, and when the work can be completed. Full integration must be ready to launch by April 1, 2017, regardless of where you fall in the roll-out schedule.

Wholesale Terminals

Wholesale Terminal deployment has begun. All Agencies that service wholesale accounts will receive a new, separate wholesale terminal exclusively for processing wholesale orders. The new terminal will be pre-configured to interface with the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Each Agency will receive only one wholesale terminal on which all wholesale orders must be created (using a laptop or other device to create orders will not work once your Agency transitions to the new system).

Please designate a space for this equipment that is approximately 20”x 24”. In addition, please have a surge protector available at installation.

Agencies will be assigned a specific date for installation prior to transitioning to the new system. Installation does not take long and will not disrupt your business.

Please contact the Liquor Enterprise Service Center at 877-812-0013 or with any questions.